For those who trust a sample from one third of the way into a novel to assess its worth, here is an extract concerning the first meeting between our trio of cousin nymphs, in the hope to oblige.


(Page 68 etc)


“Celebrations invigorate the spirit whilst they stretch the lungs.” noted Kristelisa shortly. “Let us sit to gather ourselves for a while, for we have done more dizzy circuits of a dance than we have wrestled with reasons of this event. Let us natter for a time.” and so saying she gave voice to the emerging will of her friends so that all together they sat in a close triangle of three smiling girls and lightly holding hands. Content to be thus, it was our new Kastalia who nominated the topic of debate;
“How is it that these extraordinary crows learn such names and to deliver them appropriately?” she said. “Or do they perhaps stir up their own obscure syllables into a random noise and shout it at whoever happens to be passing at the time or at some other thing that momentarily takes their attention so that even a crawling snail or a crooked twig may, on a day, be called a Kastalia?”
“You see Korinoula, what I told you before.” said Kristelisa quickly. “She pestered me repeatedly, and with a will, on the same point even before there was matter in the subject for her. There will be no peace for either of us now until our mistress is satisfied of an answer.”
“And what was it that you explained to her before that frustrated her curiosity so much that she persists with the same question now?” returned Korinoula.
“I sensibly suggested that she should seek a direct explanation from the birds themselves since that we were on our way to meet with them but now that these happy crows are presently crazed beyond reason, the resolution of he curiosity must full to you to settle for in truth I have no definitive answer on the matter anymore than the crows may have articulation to describe it and we are all equally impatient to know the circumstance as any new-comer to the region.” answered Kristelisa.
“Our ears are bent to your wisdom Korinoula. Make your answer good – and for goodness sake make it soon before another night is spoiled of sleep for the worry of it!”
“Well then, I will give you so many reasons of a mystery on the matter that you will more happily resort to inventing the truth for yourselves.” quothe Korinoula as she glanced quickly about to catch the eye of each cousin and crow within ear-shot to gauge their attention to her pronouncements and where she saw that not a single crow had the slightest interest in what she had to say about them, with them being too busy cawing at each other, but where her friends gazed urgently into her mouth for the sequel.
“I told you that it was a mystery didn’t I?” said Kristelisa quickly to Kastalia claiming some credit in being supported by her senior cousin but not wishing to make anymore of it than a brief note.
“I think that there is better order to this phenomenon than random noise Kastalia, and even though there seems to be no substantial proof to determine the otherwise, there is much observation and contrary suggestion by many an honest witness.” said Korinoula as she commenced to examine the case.



Continued in book chapter 6:

Let us now observe Apollo to see if we can anticipate his intentions by catching him as he relaxes alone about his private retreat upon the southern slopes where we may perceive his inclination.

(Page 85 etc)
Dwelling first on the delightful peace of this solitude he soon immersed his mood in the self-satisfaction of his possession of the mountain and of all its abundant pleasures which were at his command and for his disposal and all of which were a great reward for a daring enterprise to the honour of his noble mother and his twin sister and which also confirmed his reputation as a worthy son of Zeus in the community of Olympos, although the adventure was not entirely appreciated by his father who sent him quickly into exile for his trouble both for defiling Mother Earth’s sanctuary in his pursuit of Python and for Zeus’ own domestic peace and quiet by appeasing Hera against the product of his adultery.
But Apollo did not mean to think of this and was rather of a will for comforting thoughts and selecting young nymphs as his theme he soon set his mind to contemplate the ideal of a single, devoted lover more than a diary of troublesome encounters where conquest was the struggle more than contentment. Although his earlier thought did give him new reason to consider some demonstration of duty to his mighty father since he had more recently, and most hastily, slain Zeus’ agent Kyklops and must be sent again to account because of it a distant out-crop of cultural frustration to do penance as a cowherd or shepherd or some-such in service to some king or other.
But then he thought, that such unsophisticated regions may present carnal pleasures for the picking to the more worldly with which to ease the exile, and further-more, for the loss of a slim arrow from his quiver and the gain of a little foreign blood to his sword he might stake out another domain to compliment his own honour abroad, as compensation.
But he did not mean to think of this and meant instead to catch each note of the blackbird’s songs across the evening trees and to follow the intricate development of each changing verse as distant birds sported their skills in playful contest and as he listened for this music to charm his mood he found himself otherwise rejoicing in the expulsion from Parnassos of the hated Python Cult who dared to call him bastard and he wished for the day when the entire conniving rabble of them was hunted down and exterminated so that Hera could rally no further support for her jealous rages and that he, Artemis and their mother may live without threat of assassination or insult according to the birth-right of their blood, and he vowed that he would set a plan into action to bring this about so that he might rest unpestered by heretics at last.
But he did not mean to think of this and rather than troubles to unravel he would wrap the warm evening quietly about himself and imagine that he was pressed close to a woman’s breast and in time he did at last fall asleep thinking that he was caressed of a soft mortal girl.
But waking several times amidst the darkness in feverish concentration of some worries to resolve or some way from their escape, he finally determined to fold the night away with the conclusion that an arrow may fell an approaching enemy but may not halt the advancing hatred, and he acknowledged the brightening sky and gave up all thought of sleep to wonder instead on the prospects of the day. So then he arose from his grassy bed to wander around a morning’s breakfast as he harvested firm young flower buds and dew freshened blooms from here and there and betimes hardy autumn almond nuts hanging still upon their sprigs as chance would save them. And as he squeezed these morsels between his teeth and the juice ran sweet around his tongue and blended with a tender mushrooms bonnet to chew, then his mind became clear of all concerns so that he could not think even what they were and so that only the brightly coloured and whistling spring morning tickled at his senses and filled his head with peaceful emptiness.
So there he stepped elatedly about the clearing, at once rejoicing in the entire world which gathered about him so that his arms reached out eagerly to embrace it and then in another moment stooping down with quizzical fingers to search for the world hidden beneath the fibres of a clover leaf until that he heard what seemed to be the humming lilt of a young girls song approaching from between the woods. Slipping quietly back then to the first place of his rest for the night and keeping out of sight, he watched for the chance of a visitor to his retreat and where he soon observed the most beautiful of all nymphs as ever stepped prettily about these slopes, advance in parts through the patchy shadows of the trees and into the complete sunlit space where the sunshine unveiled her exquisite form in all its fresh nakedness. And Apollo gasped quietly at her image and her unexpected appearance as his attention grew to see her kneel amongst the flowers at the centre of the clearing and to raise her head and her hands open to the sky as if to dedicate herself to the sun. And Apollo was assured that no one of his cousin goddesses of the Xronos Line could be so perfect as this young nymph and he never had seen that flowers and trees, butterflies and spring mornings could be quite so beautiful and he realized then that it was she who made them so, and it seemed that all of these things and the morning shone out from her as she smiled at the centre of its radiance, and that even he was now a weightless feature transfixed in a picture of her magic.
And then he did soon recognize a familiar man inside himself with an agitated envy of the sun’s caress of her skin, and he was teased at the stroking by the breeze of her feminine flesh which did incite an impatient lust as he longed to touch the details of her prettiness.


Apollo. Continued in book chapter 7



An extract from the Oracular Words Of Fortune announced during the Summer SolsticeFestival at Apollo’s Temple.

Having bestowed a blessing of health through honesty and eloquence upon the people of Parnassos,The Gods gave this warning through their oracle and which will strangely come to snare one of their own in its trap before our tale may be resolved.



(Page 125 extract)


“But this blessing bestowed by We Gods of Olympian Authority is for our true disciples and is protected by the Celestial Spirits as if by an antidote to a poison, where-by any unworthy trespasser upon these sanctified grounds with a false claim or treacherous purpose, or untrue to the Xronos Heirs of Olympos, or with a secret plot to reinstate The Serpents Creed about these blessed hills, or any heretical design against We Gods or our trusted pilgrims, whence ever such traitors should sully the banks of our twice blessed and holy waters to steal its precious dews to their own ends, then their  usurping and mischievous purposes will be thwarted there with  just penance.”
“For they will be identified in their treachery by the unrestrained condemnation from their own lips as our honest medicine wrings the truth in self damnation from their hearts and they beg for retribution against themselves to overwhelm the torture of their shame.”


A couple of snippets from Kerutos’ “Song Book Two” soon to be released.




A spider landed with a thud upon the boarded floor of the hall-way, crushing to dust a fallen scale from a selinimoth’s wing as he cantered away panting and quickly around the bend beyond the corner of a shadow. Abandoning his silken bungee dangling and poised to different purpose. Silently invisible to snare an unwitting prey, whilst the spider peered from his hide to watch the stage set play.
A haughty tenant crammed the lobby with an unpleasant attitude and lumbered along the hall-way, cluttering the atmosphere from wall to wall with his arrogance. Irritating the lamp-shade and infuriating the “welcome” plaque so that all the goodwill letters dropped from its face in frown. But the oaf brushed his nose as he lolloped straight into the trap which garrotted him to within an inch of almost noticing nothing at all, and who fidgeted out on ill fitting feet through another door as brazen as he had entered and as if he owned the place. And the hinges cringed and the handle squirmed in his impertinent twisting turn as he vacated his offence to the decorum of the home, but unable to exit the crime scene of his existence. Shamelessly unaware of his guilt, his sentence or his execution, but leaving a dishevelled silence in his wake, in which, between the contests of justice, the only clue to be discerned by which to judge any loss or winning, was from a hairy dust ball in the dark, and was the noise of a spider grinning.



(An haiku)
I am so beautiful
They won’t believe I’m real
Unless I bleed

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