Please note that the novel Daughters Of The Wheel contains some pertinent text of a

    sexual and violent nature and it should therefore only be purchased by adults.

Daughters Of The Wheel is a novel written by D.M.Kerutos who also illustrated the
book cover and holds the applicable copyrights.
It is registered under the International Standards Book Number:
The book is published and distributed by VIOSIMOS ENTERPRISE UK and is
offered for sale in the UK for £8.80. with no VAT chargeable.
(Price maybe subject to trader’s discounts and publisher’s review)
You can obtain copies of the book by visiting your favourite book-shop where you may
conveniently view, purchase or order your copies. Otherwise you can search your
on-line, press or media book traders for their mail order services.
Viosimos Enterprise can provide a mail order service but there will be an additional
post and packaging charge which may be off-set by multiple book discounts.
Viosimos Enterprise is the publishing, promotional and primary distribution agency for
the featured works and web-site and holds the applicable copyrights.
No part of this web-site or the featured works may be reproduced in any form or by any means
without the written authority of both author and publisher copyright holders. Contact Viosimos
administration for information or access.
Private sales, enquiries & comments:    
Trade sales, enquiries & administration:

Stocks will be available soon. Please check back for details and orders.

Thank you.


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